About us

We are an incorporated society, founded in 1997, to represent the interests of mortgage brokers and to promote the growth of the mortgage broking industry in New Zealand.

We are the representative voice of the mortgage broking industry in New Zealand. The industry has grown rapidly and it is estimated that 30% of all mortgages are placed through mortgage brokers.

Our core objectives are:

  1. Promoting the mortgage broking industry to consumers:
    • Working with media
    • Increasing public awareness
    • Winning consumer confidence
  2. Growing market share of the mortgage broking industry to 40% and building a strong Approved brand
  3. Promoting high standards of professional, business and ethical conduct for mortgage brokers
  4. Influencing regulators to build a regulatory regime that is appropriate to our industry
    Providing education and professional development for mortgage brokers to raise standards of advice
  5. Providing a forum for the discussion and the development of common business interests.
  6. To inform our members about all developments which may affect their business

The Approved is a voluntary organisation. It represents some 950 Mortgage Brokers.

There is no corporate membership category at this stage.

Membership is made up of natural individuals in the following categories:

Individual mortgage brokers operating in the residential, commercial and rural sectors.

Associate members who are individuals involved in the mortgage broker business. They are not permitted to write business.

Affiliate members who are associated businesses such as lenders and brokers who only represent one lender. They do not have voting rights.

If you have any question, please contact us here