Buying your home easily

Make arranging finance easy, talk to an Approved mortgage broker!

Owning property remains a dream of most Kiwis. It may be your first home or one of several investment properties but the excitement of finding that special property never dulls.

An Approved Mortgage Broker can open doors for you.

An Approved Mortgage Broker can make it easy for you to arrange your home loan.

Here are some helpful tips to buying.

  1. Carefully examine all your finances. Then talk to an Approved Mortgage Broker first about what you can afford and your best home loan options.
  2. Write down the features you are looking for in a house in order of priority.
  3. Check out the local papers, internet and real estate publications – look at prices, types of housing, size and location.
  4. Identify the area and locations you want, consider the affordability, value, transport, schools, parks, facilities you use, your lifestyle, other charges and local rates.
  5. Be flexible it will help your search.
  6. Keep in touch with your Approved Mortgage Broker often.
  7. Talk to your lawyer about making an offer on the property. Listen to their advice. See our Legal Tips.
  8. If you think you have found a perfect property – examine the type of title to the property. Is it freehold, lease hold, unit title, cross lease?
  9. Ask lots of questions about the property – what are the rates? Are there body corporate fees? Are there any restrictions, what is the annual ground rent?
  10. Check the building and structural matters – arrange for a building inspection by a qualified building inspector.
  11. If buying at auction – let the real estate agent know you are interested. Check out all the details of the property before auction day. Talk to your Approved Mortgage Broker first and arrange your home loan and finances in advance. Have the deposit ready for the auction day.
  12. Make your offer; when it is accepted, send a copy of your written agreement to your Approved Mortgage Broker and your lawyer.