Can you really supplement your income with Online Surveys?

11 Feb

People have tried for a long time to find creative ways to increase their yearly income, from doing odd jobs here and there, to taking on part time work, even a second job or selling unwanted items.

However, with the invention of the Internet, more and more people are find new ways to earn money without having sell a thing or even take on a second job.

And whilst there are numerous ways to make money online, one of the most popular ways that a lot of people try at one time or another is completing online surveys.

Making money with online surveys is usually an easy alternative for most people, because, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, it doesn’t require a degree, you don’t need any special experience to get started, you don’t have to pay an entry fee and best of all you can complete them in your spare time.

However, making money with survey companies does come with its share of problems, one of the being, you don’t tend to make much money compared to the amount of time and effort you put into them.

Two main online surveys companies are Inboxdollars and another well established company is Opinion outpost. These two companies are leaders in online surveys and have been in operation for several years. However, there is a mix of positive and negative feedback about the two companies.

Whilst some people say that they have been paid and are making money with these online survey companies, there is almost an equal number, is not more, who are complaining that they are not getting paid, and even being locked out of their account when they have tried to redeem their earnings.

As you can imagine this is cause for concern and can be frustrating at the same time, but this isn’t unusual for online survey companies. Nope, this is the case for most online survey companies and I suspect will continue for as long as there are survey companies.

So my advice would be to find alternative ways to make money online, and believe me there are a lot.

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